Open-air gallery

Ako vam se sviđa ova objava, podijelite ju sa svojim prijateljima

Vukovar has become an art harbour, getting a new appearance and lining up with urban modern towns. Organising the VukovaART, Vukovar turned into an urban community enriched with contemporary art, i.e. the 3D anamorphic artworks painted at the promenades and pavements in the town centre and on the façades.

The painted areas represent an attraction for numerous tourists – sort of an open-air gallery. If you want to know where all these paintings can be found, check out the following link:

Thanks to this project, Vukovar was put on the map of European and global contemporary art. It measured itself against cities from all over the world gathered around the Street Art Cities idea:

Hrvatska turistička zajednica
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Hrvatska gospodarska komora
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