Religious heritage

Ako vam se sviđa ova objava, podijelite ju sa svojim prijateljima

Franciscan monastery and Saint Philip and Jacob Church

Franciscan Museum

The faith lies deep within the very essence of a Croat. It is his purpose, refuge, strength, his stronghold and hope. It is everything to him.

It has always been that way, so Vukovar makes no exception. Ever since they came to the area, the Franciscans remained a constant, those who had always been there for the people, never letting them down.

They were the strength and consolation in the hard times and a dear friend in the good times, a friend people always shared their joy and success with.

The witness of the bond and the proof of the dedication and spirituality is the rich religious heritage of the town of Vukovar, which constantly grows and is enriched by new elements.

The recently opened Franciscan Museum Vukovar is especially attractive and impressive. It stands witness to the Vukovar’s rich cultural heritage, reminding the visitors of the centuries-long Franciscan engagement in Vukovar, encompassing not only religious matters, but also science, culture and history. In addition, the museum will not allow numerous people who had been preserving and renewing Vukovar’s cultural heritage to be forgotten. This includes friar Marko Kurolt who should be given credit for taking a great number of artistic works, especially books, away from Vukovar and storing them at Franciscan monastery in Zemun in December 1991, from where the heritage was returned to Vukovar in 2001 and made available to the visitors of the museum after the restoration.

After the renewal of the Franciscan complex featuring the museum with several floors, the visitors can now visit the treasury of valuable artistic heritage, the old masters’ picture gallery and the library of rare books. They can also visit the church, the crypt, the bell tower and the cloister, the new library and the reading room, as well as other attractions such as the wine cellar and the gift shop, including the open area with the St Boniface pastoral centre and a belvedere overlooking the Danube. 

Franciscan monastery Vukovar
Samostanska 5, 32000 Vukovar
Tel: 00385 32 441 3

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In addition to St Philip and Jacob Church and the Franciscan monastery, there are following Roman Catholic churches in Vukovar:

Queen of Martyrs Church , Ul. Vlahe Bukovca 46, 32000, Vukovar

Church of Our Lady of Fatima, Lička ul. 23A, 32000 Vukovar

Church of St Joseph the Worker, The Parish Office: Lička ul. 23A, 32000 Vukovar

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians in Sotin

Numerous religious communities are active in Vukovar, with their religious buildings being true treasuries of valuables, but each of them also providing protection and the so much needed peace.

Visit them!

Orthodox churches:

Church of St Nicholas, Ulica Europske unije 48, 32000 Vukovar

Church of St Stephen of Dečani, Ul. Vile Velebita 162, 32000 Vukovar

Chapel of St Paraskeva (Petka) of Good Water, Adica 1, 32000 Vukovar

Orthodox Church of Christ the King, Tri ruže 33, 32000 Vukovar

Christian Adventist Church, 204. Vukovarske brigade 22, 32000 Vukovar

The Evangelical Pentecostal Church in Croatia, Trg Drvena pijaca 2, 32000 Vukovar

The Baptist Church of Vukovar, 204. Vukovarske brigade 74, 32000 Vukovar

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