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Cycling and cycling tourism

Vukovar is a part of the European EuroVelo 6 cycle route along the Danube from the Atlantic to the Black Sea. 138 kilometres of the Danube cycle route pass through Croatia and the stretch is specific because it has several locations that present a true challenge because of the elevation gain. Explore this part of Croatia like an adventurer, enjoy the wonders of Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem by cycling along the Danube, get to know the scenery, the people and their customs.

Take a sightseeing tour of Slavonia’s plains and streets, parks and natural wonders by bike. Ride the waves of the Pannonian Sea, explore the town or wander around the vineyards… To support your active vacation, Vukovar offers four cycle rest stops (on the promenade by the Danube, at the Danube Hotel parking lot, near the Water Tower and near the Vučedol Culture Museum) with tourist and service information and a quick-repair station (Adica Forest Park), as well as a garage for your bicycles (on the promenade alongside the Danube, near Sports Island) so you can keep your bike safe while you go sightseeing. If you don’t have your own bike, do not worry… You can rent one out on two locations (on the promenade near the post office and next to the Vukovar swimming pool) using the Next bike public bike sharing system.  

Bike rentals are also available at the Vukovar Tourist Board, which is also a Regional Mobility Centre – explore the possibilities of sustainable mobility in the Danube region!

Vukovar is also a part of the Srijem route – a circular route connecting the south of Vukovar-Srijem County with its northeast, an extension of the international Danube cycle route, which is a part of Eurovelo 6. If you’re cycling along the Danube route, you can tour the entire county via the Srijem route and return to the international Danube route. The Srijem route encircles the area and you can always easily return to the starting point. The Srijem route is a chance to get to know the countryside, leading through settled places, forests, fields and vineyards. It provides easy access to numerous tourist attractions indicated on the map. It’s an easy route and provides a wealth of experiences.

Bicycle Route Map Vukovar-Srijem County – Page 1

Bicycle Route Map Vukovar-Srijem County – Page 2


There is no better spot for fans of fishing and this type of recreation than the waters of the Danube, its channels and lakes. The Danube is rich in various types of fish, with the carp, the catfish, the zander, the pike, the blue bream and the common bream being the most common. Fishing poles and hooks are used most often, clonks and other equipment less so. There are 13 registered sports and fishing associations in the area where a fishing license can be obtained.

The Association of Sports Fishing Societies

Parobrodarska 3

Phone: 00385 (0)32/450-138; 0385 (0)98/346-791


Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 08:00 – 12:00

Wednesday: 16:00 – 20:00

Horseback riding

Dunavski Raj Family Farm, located in Vučedol – Vukovar near the Vučedol archaeological site, offers:

Recreational trail riding

If you are an experienced rider, we can offer you a different way to discover Srijem, the elevated plateau streaked with Fruška Gora slopes, numerous vineyards and forests and the winding Danube with its different rhythms and forested aits. The trail includes the option of visiting Vukovar’s historical sites, the nearby Vučedol archaeological site, Ovčara, riding along the Danube…

Riding for children – recreation for life

Considering that not even the children are safe from the deleterious impact of a stressful everyday life, horse riding is an ideal form of recreation, very useful in relieving stress. Aside from riding, caring for a horse is conducive to a child’s healthy development and the development of personality. While caring for animals, children develop emotional and social life skills, become more responsible towards themselves and others, develop the ability to deal with new situations, learn to overcome fear and gain confidence. Having a 500-kg friend represents a special feeling of fulfilment for children.

Trial and recreational horse riding in a riding pen

If you wish to try out horse riding or refresh your memory of the days when you used to ride a horse, we can offer you horse riding in a pen with accompaniment and under the supervision of a horseback riding trainer.

Horseback riding lessons

Horseback riding lessons are held in a tended enclosure. Lessons are held daily, by appointment with the trainer. The price includes the use of a horse, equipment and trainer supervision. Lessons are done exclusively one-on-one. Horseback riding lessons are available to children over the age of 8.


If you’re interested in taking a romantic ride, Dunavski raj (Danube Paradise) Family Farm can also offer you a ride in a traditional, Baroque-style fiacre. This offer is available for individual guests, as well as groups.

Dunavski Raj Family Farm

Hrvatske nezavisnosti 27

32000 Vukovar

Mobile phone: 00385 (0)99/674-7322


Potkova Horse Breeding Association from Vukovar, whose primary goal is to promote local customs and tradition, has been breeding primarily Lipizza horses and currently has around 30 horses. The association takes part in shows and events all over Slavonia and Baranja and they offer attractive rides by fiacre and horse-drawn cart, as well as horse riding.

Potkova Horse Breeding Association

Težački put 27

32000 Vukovar

Phone: 00385 (0)99/695-3405


Vukovar Sports Facilities

Led by our vision of positioning Vukovar as a location of top sports and organisation abilities, by developing sports tourism and ensuring the development and promotion of local sports and the town of Vukovar, Vukovar Sports Facilities public institution operates several sports facilities: 

Vukovar Swimming Pool

The newly-constructed modern Vukovar Swimming Pool spans an area of over 5,000 m2. There is an Olympic-size indoor pool (50×25 m) and two smaller outdoor pools – one rectangular (22×12 m) and one oval-shaped (25×15 m) with massage jets and a slide. The two smaller pools are intended for recreation and swimming lessons.

The main hall is the building’s central facility and is directly connected to the changing rooms and the outdoor pools. The outdoor pools have a separate entrance, changing rooms and a reception desk.

In addition to swimming, other sports, recreation, entertainment and show programmes are possible with additional equipment. A grandstand is located along the pool’s longer side.

The swimming pool offers additional amenities, namely a gym, a sauna, a restaurant and bar on two levels and a sunbathing area.

Various sports clubs operate as part of Vukovar Sports Facilities. More information at: 

Vukovar Swimming Pool

Rudolfa Perešina 11

32000 Vukovar


Phone: 00385 (0)32/540-430

Opening hours

Monday – Sunday: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Lijeva bara Sports and Recreation Centre

Ul. Stanka Vraza 19B

32000 Vukovar


Phone: 00385 (0)32/540-430; 421-866

Borovo Naselje Sports Hall

Trg Dražena Petrovića 2

32000 Vukovar


Phone: 00385 (0)32/540-430; 421-866

Vukovar Tennis Centre

Rudolfa Perešina 10

32010 Vukovar


Phone:  00385 (0)32/540-430

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