DunavArt festival


There is no river that flows through as many countries as the Danube does on its path to its delta. The entire history of Central and Southeast Europe has been written on its banks and has left traces that are still visible today, making the Podunavlje a fascinating meeting point of cultures.

Often mentioned in songs and much travelled, the Danube inspires from its spring to its delta and has thus inspired the creators of DunavArt Festival which “flows and joins” Vukovar, Baranja, Ilok and Erdut into a unique artistic experience, bringing the best music to the Croatian Podunavlje while promoting the values of cultural heritage, wine and gourmet opulence and bringing countries on the Danube closer to Croatia.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica
Ministarstvo turizma RH
Grad Vukovar
Hrvatska gospodarska komora
Turistička zajednica Vukovarsko-srijemske županije