SVI zaJEDNO HRVATSKO NAJ project is a unique cultural and tourist event that brings together the media, culture and tourism, with an emphasis on experiences.

The festival was launched in 2018 in the European Year of Cultural Heritage and it is unique in the fact that it is the first Croatian festival to present Croatian intangible cultural heritage on the national and UNESCO’s lists, alongside top tourist events, sights and destinations from all over Croatia. By walking around Vukovar during the festival, visitors can find out about all the different events that take place in different parts of Croatia, try local Croatian cuisine and enjoy top Croatian wines. Additionally, visitors can enjoy concerts, creative workshops, exhibitions and performances by street musicians and performers, klapa singing, tamburica players, folk dancing and dance troupes. Positive vibrations and the wonderful atmosphere turn Vukovar’s streets and squares into a meeting place of different cultures, cuisines and entertainment, preserving and exhibiting the best of Croatia’s intangible cultural heritage, connecting Croats from the homeland with Croatian emigrants and presenting the cultural heritage of minorities and other countries. The festival is held as part of Vukovar Day celebrations on 3 May.

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