City of Museums

If you like museums, this is the ideal route for you. Put on your Vučedol boots and step into a rich history that is more than five thousand years old. To be a modern traveler of the digital age in the Eneolithic and Baroque times – an indescribable experience, achievable only in Vukovar!

Museums are the keepers of time. They do not allow to be forgotten; they are our reminders of a life that has irretrievably vanished.

A visit to the museum always opens a new, insufficiently known world and introduces you to magical stories from the past that arouses your curiosity. Thus, walking through this space you are always looking for new stories and experiences, trying to visualize them in your imagination.

Start with visiting the Vučedol Culture Museum which has won numerous prestigious awards and check out why!

Then we recommend visiting the newly opened Franciscan Museum within the church and monastery of St. Philip and Jacob.

We don’t have to describe the beauty of Eltz Palace in particular and its interior which houses the Vukovar Municipal Museumwhose exhibitions you shouldn’t miss. It is described by prestigious European awards.

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