Where the Danube embraces the sky…

Ako vam se sviđa ova objava, podijelite ju sa svojim prijateljima

Vukovar is situated in the northeast of Croatia and it is the centre of Vukovar-Srijem County. Positioned on the border of historical provinces of Eastern Slavonia and Western Srijem, the town lies on important transportation routes. Since time immemorial, traffic from the northwest to the southeast has moved through the Vukovar area and the Danube valley. With the introduction of steamboats mid-19th century and tourist vessels nowadays, Vukovar is connected with Budapest and Vienna upstream and all the way to Romania downstream. The port of Vukovar, the biggest river port in Croatia, is an important import and export station. The Danube has always connected Vukovar’s residents with Europe and the world and it continues to do so today.

How to reach us?

By car

Vukovar is 40 km away from the Zagreb-Belgrade motorway, which is a branch of the Pan-European Corridor X.

  • Arriving from Zagreb (295 km):
  • Take the A-1 motorway to Županja (254 km), then the State road D7 from Županja to Vukovar (50 km) (Županja – Vinkovci- Nuštar – Bršadin – Vukovar or Županja – Vinkovci – Nuštar – Marinci – Bogdanovci – Vukovar).
  • Arriving from Osijek (35km):
  • State road D2: Osijek – Klisa – Trpinja – Vukovar.
  • Arriving from Serbia:
  • Ilok border crossing: state road D2 (37 km): Ilok – Šarengrad – Mohovo – Opatovac – Sotin – Vukovar;
  • Tovarnik border crossing: state road D2 (27 km): Tovarnik – Sotin – Vukovar;
  • Erdut border crossing: Erdut – Dalj – Borovo – Vukovar (38 km).

By bus

By train

Railway line Zagreb – Vinkovci – Vukovar, a part of the Pan-European Corridor X. The train can take you to the Vukovar or Borovo Naselje railway stations.


By ship

As the biggest river port in Croatia, Vukovar has a jetty for international river cruise ships.

By airplane:

Klisa international airport is only 20 km away.


Basic information:

In Northeast Croatia, on the Danube and Vuka rivers 45°20’53”N, 16°40’26”E
108 m above sea level

Time zone:
Central European Time (GMT +1)

average summer temperature: 20° C
average winter temperature: 1° C
Population: 27.683 (2011.)
100,26 km2

Hrvatska turistička zajednica
Ministarstvo turizma RH
Grad Vukovar
Hrvatska gospodarska komora
Turistička zajednica Vukovarsko-srijemske županije