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Saint Vinko’s Day in Vučedol

An event held traditionally every year on January 22nd, on Saint Vinko’s Day, at the Goldschmidt farm grounds.


This event marks the beginning of the year’s work in the vineyards and it starts with a blessing of the vineyards. Sausages and other cured meat products are hanged on the vines, because a saying goes – if the hanged meats are large, the grape vines will be more fruitful and the grape clusters will be large. The same legend claims that if on that day, before noon, icicles or snow melts and creates puddles in which a sparrow can bathe, the year will be fruitful and there will be so much wine that we can bathe in it. It is nice to keep traditions and preserve them for future generations. Along with an accompanying culture and art programme, this event represents a true vineyard experience, with mulled wine and delicacies that the visitors may taste or prepare for themselves, on the fire.