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Vukovar Film Festival

Danube Region Film Festival Vukovar Film Festival is unique due to many things. It is the only film festival of the community of Danube region countries and the only one held literally on the Danube. It is designed to promote and spread the creative development of filmmakers from the region and it is organized with the intent to contribute to cultural restoration in the city destroyed in the Homeland War. The theme of the festival, the films from the Danube region countries, is logically connected to Vukovar as a centre of the Croatian part of the community of the Danube region. Cultural influences have always been spreading along the Danube. Since VFF is the only film festival featuring this region, on the international level it seeks to connect filmmakers from the Danube region countries, whose film making industries are some of the most vital in the world.


Excellent reception of the festival by the citizens of Vukovar, the residents of the region, and all leading media, confirms that the idea for a film festival in Vukovar definitely makes sense.