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Vukovar Advent Festivities

The month of December in Vukovar is traditionally reserved for Vukovar Advent Festivities which prepare the citizens and all visitors to Vukovar for Christmas, the holyday of peace, light, and love. During the four weeks of Advent there are many musical performances based on traditional culture, with the lighting of an Advent candle. During the festivities of the first Sunday all participants carry the light through the streets of Vukovar as part of a glowing river of flaming torches, from the church of Saint Filip and Jakov to the City Museum and the Castle Eltz, where the light is brought in and the first Advent candle is lit.


As part of Vukovar Advent Festivities, every year there is a traditional concert of the Croatian Radio-Television in the church of Saint Filip and Jakov, called Silent Night in Vukovar. In a warm, tender, and joyous ambient of Christmas, a medley of traditional Christmas songs is performed.