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Vukovar... Seemingly just an ordinary seven letter word, seemingly just an ordinary name of a city with a characteristic Hungarian suffix “var” signifying a small town – varoš. But, a lot more than an ordinary experience is hidden behind that name. A wondrous city is hidden there.


It is situated in the eastern part of the Republic of Croatia, at the place where the Vuka enters into the Danube, held lovingly by both Slavonia and Syrmia. Vukovar is a gift from its rivers, a city of amazing harmony and strong, ancient, and welcoming Danube, and the local flavour of Vuka – capricious, shaped by the plain, the nature’s whims, and the Slavonian land. The city is growing in the arms of its rivers, receiving a new shine and filling the chest with heritage, culture, and tradition.


The Castle Eltz certainly goes along that chest. The Castle, today the Vukovar City Museum, with a wide park reflecting in the Danube and adding its green flavour to it, is a unique vista, a painter’s aquarelle, and an identifying feature of Vukovar. In that place, across from the luxurious castle, firmly stands the Syrmia Palace – it seems wide, peaceful, and permanent.


A traditional image of Vukovar shows many more beautiful and valuable buildings: Coach Post, Magistrate building, Grand Hotel, and the Franciscan Monastery and grammar school situated in a picturesque position above the Danube. The church of Saint Filip and Jakov, the most recognisable baroque building in Vukovar and the third longest church in Croatia is in the same place.


It is often said that a city reflects its inhabitants and their love for the city. Just this love is most visible here, in Vukovar. And just because of this love Vukovar looks more and more like itself every day, because its residents constantly add a part of themselves and their memories to the city, which then become their reality. Without forgetting the past, they are facing the future and everything it has to bring. They rejoice at everything new or what was before and is being revived and lives now.


The best way to get to know a city is to walk its streets. We have named just some of the recognisable and dominant points in Vukovar. If your interests and wishes are different, come and walk the city, meet its soul, find the hidden corners and meet dear friends. We are sure you will come back lovingly every year.