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Horse riding is an ideal form of exercise that successfully dissipates stress and raises the level of psychological and physical ability and makes a person feel good about their body. Horse riding as an exercise can be done regardless of age and continue for the rest of one’s life. Family owned farm Dunavski Raj is located at Vučedol - Vukovar near the archaeological site Vučedol and it offers:


Horse riding for children – life exercise

Children today are not spared from the destructive effect of stress in everyday life, so horse riding is an ideal form of exercise for successfully eliminating stress. Apart from the riding, the necessary care for the horse represents a source of encouragement for a healthy development of the child and especially personality development. Care for animals helps develop emotional and social life skills in children, they become more responsible toward themselves and others; they develop the ability to adapt to new situations, and learn to overcome fear and gain confidence. Having a 500 kg friend is especially satisfying for children.


Exercise cross-county riding

If you are an experienced rider we offer the possibility to see the beauty of Syrmia, an elevated plain dotted with the slopes of Fruška Gora, numerous vineyards and forests, and the windy Danube with numerous rhythms and forest covered islands. The terrain also includes the possibility to see the historical sites of the City of Vukovar, the nearby archaeological site Vučedol, Ovčara, riding along the Danube…


Trial and exercise riding in an enclosed space

If you would like to try or remember the time when you used to ride, we are offering riding in a riding ring with escort and supervision by a riding instructor.


Riding classes

Riding classes are held in an enclosed riding ring. It is held every day as arranged with the riding instructor. The price includes the use of a horse, equipment, and supervision by the riding instructor. The work with class goers is on an individual basis. Riding classes are available for children 8 years old and older.


OPG Dunavski raj

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