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Experience this part of Croatia with an element of adventure, enjoy the beauty of Slavonia, Baranja, and Syrmia by riding a bicycle along the Danube itself, see the scenery, and meet the people and their customs. Take your bike and see the plains and streets of Slavonia, a nature park, or the beauty of nature. Ride the waves of the Pannonian Sea, ride through the city, through the vineyards.


Cycling Route Danube

Cycling Route Danube is a part of the international Danube Cycle Route Eurovelo 6, and its length through Croatia is 138 km, it stands out because of several inclines, which are very challenging due to elevation difference. The route connects the cities Vukovar and Ilok. It is very dynamic, passes through the slopes of Fruška Gora, vineyards, and distinctive villages full of interesting landmarks and churches which are worthy of a stop.


Cycling Route Syrmia

Cycling Route Syrmia connects the southern area of the Vukovar-Syrmia County with the north-eastern part, and it continues from the existing international Danube Cycle Route, which is part of the route Eurovelo 6. If you are travelling along the Danube Route you can tour the entire county using the Syrmia route and also use it to return to the international Danube Route. The initial point of the Syrmia Route is the central city lamp in Vinkovci, via Rokovci, Andrijaševci, Cerna, and Gradište to Gunja, Vrbanja, and Drenovci, all the way to Otok. In Otok the route offers two options. The first is to ride through Privlaka to Vinkovci and via Nuštar and Bogdanovci to Vukovar and join the Danube Cycle Route there, the other option is to go through Komletinci and Nijemci, to Tovarnik and again via the Danube Route to Ilok. The Syrmia Route will completely show you the area through which you are passing; it goes through inhabited villages and towns, forests, fields, and vineyards. Riding the route enables you to visit numerous tourist attractions shown on the map. The route is not challenging and it offers plenty of content.


It is possible to rent a sport bicycle and a city bicycle, also a quadracycle – a family cycle, ideal for riding through the centre of the city, the path along the Danube, through vineyards. Enjoyment for the entire family!


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Danube Cycling Route
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