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Ovčara, a completely ordinary farm, so much like thousands of other farms, located about 10 kilometres southeast of Vukovar. Along with the other two farms, Grabovo and Jakobovac, it painted a full picture of the wealth and power of the noble family Eltz, and today it is a part of the Vukovar agricultural combine collective VUPIK. No one would even know about it if 1991 had not happened. It was a horrifying act of hatred, inhumanity, and the basest human urges.


Mass grave Ovčara, a sacred site known throughout Croatia and beyond. The place where the wounded and the medical staff from the Vukovar Hospital were killed, 263 of them. They went to the stars from there.


Memorial hall Ovčara was opened on November 20th 2006. Opened in a hangar where those who were killed 15 years ago spent the last hours of their lives and where they left their unfulfilled dreams. While honest, wondering, innocent eyes observe us from the walls, we cannot help to think how they must have felt that cold day in the late fall of 1991 and did they know that they will never return from that journey. To whom did their last thought go, whose name died on their lips? It will forever remain a mystery and a topic for speculation. We thank them for their courage, for their lives. We thank them for Vukovar and for Croatia.


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Every day: 10h - 17h


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