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Homeland War Memorial Centre

Homeland War Memorial Centre is open for all interested institutions and individuals who will be able to see the complete information about the chronology and events related to the Homeland War in the entire Republic of Croatia in one place.


There are several exhibits currently set up within the military barracks:

1. "Memory of the Homeland War – Battle for Vukovar" which displays the chronology of events from August 24th to November 18th, 1991.

2. The exhibit dedicated to the Independent Aviation Platoon Osijek, who delivered aid to the surrounded Vukovar.

3. The exhibit featuring infantry weaponry used in the Homeland War made by the military industry and by hand.

4. Replicas of the Serbian concentration camps "Stajićevo" and "Begejci".

5. Heavy weaponry and technical resources used in the Homeland War.

6. Simulation of a battlefield.

7. Exhibit of mines and explosive devices.


Open hours:

Monday - Friday: 08h - 16h

Saturday - Sunday: if a group is announced


Entrance - free of charge.


Contact info:

Memorijalni centar Domovinskog rata

Ive Tijardovića bb

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 638 567