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The Cross at the Place where the Vuka Enters into the Danube

Rivers have always signified life. Along rivers is where greatest civilizations were born, and Vukovar, that amazing city we can rightfully call the “Triumphant Doorway to Croatia”, was created on the banks of two rivers: Danube and Vuka. Maybe the rivers are just the reason why it became so strong and resolute in the deciding moments that determined the fate of our country. It remained true to itself and unbreakable.


Here, in the centre of Vukovar, where the Vuka enters into the Danube, a monument was raised for all those who gave their lives for a free and independent Croatia. Its author, the sculptor Šime Vidulin, made it to look like a cross. In a place where a vista of a wide, powerful river could always be seen, now a white cross stands – as a symbol and a memento – but also a warning.


“Navik on živi ki zgine pošteno” (The one who dies honestly will live forever) – is  written in stone using the oldest Croatian alphabet the Glagolitic alphabet. And they live on in us and we live with them every day.