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Dunavska šetnica 1

32000 Vukovar

Tel: +385 (0)32 445 434



Native Slavonian restaurant with a wide variety of dishes made from fresh and seasonal ingredients grown in controlled conditions by Slavonian farmers. 120 seats are available in a traditional Slavonian ambiance with an open cooking area that will spread the fragrances of a good old kitchen, like the ones where out grandmothers cooked. The beautiful three floor terrace along the Danube can seat 150 people.


Dalmatinska 3

32000 Vukovar

Tel/fax +385 (0)32 414 410

Mob: +385 (0)98 896 507



The name, the characteristic interior, and a specific offer makes the Tavern Megaron an interesting member of the Vukovar gastro and tourist offer. It offers native Slavonian specialties, made in the traditional way, from ingredients made and grown by local manufacturers, breeders, and processers.


Parobrodarska 3

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 441 788

Fax. + 385 (0)32 412 829



Restaurant Vrške is located right on the bank of the Danube, and it is not a place to miss for all fans of fish and Slavonian specialties. There are 50 seats available inside the restaurant and another 150 seats on the garden terrace, with the view of the proud Danube. One of the important reasons to visit the restaurant “Vrške” is definitely the uniqueness of the menu, specific for regions around rivers, of which we would specially like to point out the catfish and carp pate, spicy fish stew with homemade noodles, and orly style zander.


Trg Republike Hrvatske bb

32000 Vukovar

Mob. +385 (0)91 9151 827



Restaurant & Steak house Rich is located at the Vukovar passenger wharf on the Danube. It is decorated in the shabby chic style combined with a modern design and top-of-the-line LED lighting. Experience the relaxing ambiance in the daytime and the mysterious spirit of the river during the night!


Matice Hrvatske 3

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 430 315

Mob. +385 (0)98 166 3952



If you come to Vukovar as a guest, or maybe as a passing tourist, maybe even if you live here, do not miss the opportunity to come by the restaurant “Nada”. It is a restaurant with many years of experience, and a traditional quality of food and service. The interior of the restaurant is elegant, and as such it is an ideal space, with its dimensions and furnishings, for all family and business gatherings, such as baptism parties, birthdays, banquets, various promotions, business and private lunches and dinners, and all other formal occasions. We would like to point out our quality menu, which impresses every guest, as a highlight our traditional and native offer. The menu’s varied gastro selection will satisfy all your tastes. A rich selection of traditional Slavonian traditional specialties is offered every day, such as fish specialties like spicy fish stew and frog legs. Daily hot meals such as various stews, cabbage rolls, various vegetable meals, and shepherd’s stews are just a part of their rich offer. You can also taste sweet delicacies, prepared according to your desires and tastes, in a manner done by our ancestors. Restaurant Nada has two terraces, it can seat 40 people, and in the summer it is ideal for tasting gastronomic delicacies. Come and see for yourself the beauty of the ambiance and the top service in the restaurant Nada, which has many years of experience and happily awaits its guests, and year after year justifies the trust its guests give it with top culinary trends. 


J.J. Strossmayer 18

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 445 100



The restaurant of the Hotel Lav is located in the centre of the city, along the Danube footpath and the small quiet city harbour with the view over the Danube River. The restaurant can seat 60 people, its style is modern and mild, and it will provide pleasant business or personal moments. The menu of the restaurant has traditional meals and specialties recognisable in Eastern Croatia; we will serve you the highest quality wine from the vineyards of Slavonia and the Croatian Danube region. The restaurant also has a hotel terrace which can seat 150 people and where you can enjoy long into the summer nights.


Hrvatske nezavisnoti 19

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)98 574 871



Picnic grounds Gondola is located in Sotin. It is situated on the main road from Vukovar to Ilok, and only 8 km away from Vukovar. It is located on a wine road which is also a part of the famous Danube Cycle Route. Traffic connections to this location are very good, by city and intercity bus lines (a bus stop is only 150 m away). Kindness and hospitality of the hosts will carry you into the story of this Syrmia scenery which will surely win over and entice sighs from their guests.


Adica bb

32000 Vukovar

tel: 032 835 931

mob: 099 5493 662



Bana J. Jelačića 98

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 412 948

Mob. +385 (0)98 311 204



Restaurant Quo Vadis is proud of its rich selection of various local specialties, especially their famous fish specialties; especially spicy fish stew. If you like fish stew, shepherd’s stew, spicy stew, and many other old local recipes, then make your way to our restaurant and allow the hosts to win you over with their food, wine, and the sound of the tamburica.


Bana J. Jelačića 146

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 412 933

Mob. +385 (0)95 392 5598


Restaurant Ban is located on the main road Vukovar - Ilok, with a big parking area for busses and automobiles. They organize all types of events with the price of a complete menu as low as 35kn.


Vijeća Europe 195

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 428 150

Mob. +385 (0)98 321 935


Formal hall and restaurant V&S is located in an attractive position in the City of Vukovar on the exit toward Vinkovci. This hall that can seat 500 people is ideal for large formal occasions weddings, meetings, formal lunches, dinners, and similar. The restaurant is open only after an arrival is announced.


Stjepana radića 72

32000 Vukovar

Mob. +385 (0)95 829 1982



Mexican Bar in Vukovar offers a large selection of specialties – come and enjoy the tastes and fragrances of Mexican food (tortillas, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, various sauces, Mexican pizzas from a brick oven, etc.), and for those who do not enjoy Mexican food – standard pizzas! Relax in a pleasant ambiance of Latin music with our welcoming staff. To complete the experience have a drink of your choosing (large selection of tequila and always fresh sangria). 


Dr. Franje Tuđmana 13

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 442 055

Mob. +385 (0)91 912 5229



Fast Food Escape is located in the centre of Vukovar, under the baroque arches, and from its terrace it offers a wonderful view of the Vukovar main street and the baroque city core on one side and the Danube on the other. Escape is a place where tradition, quality, and creativity meet and create a completely new, higher dimension of fast food. Escape and its team of young cooks will prepare the finest domestic and foreign fast food specialties for you, from our offer we would like to recommend hamburgers, chicken burgers, big crispy, pizzas, sandwiches, chicken wings, and salads. 


Hrvatske nezavisnosti 27

32000 Vukovar

Mob. +385 (0)99 674 7322



The gastronomic offer of "Dunavski raj" is based on the way of life of our ancestors and the life bound to the farms, orchards, and vineyards. The local tradition emphasises the connection of the people to the wide Danube and docile Vuka, and the river fish which is a large part of the local cuisine today. The specialties of the Danube region are shepherd’s stew, Slavonian spicy fish stew and carp on a wooden fork grilled by the fire, which is one of the most notable local dishes. The menu also has delicacies from the attic and traditional baked foods (pastries, scones with pork rinds, and similar). If you wish a breath of fresh air and a release from the day-to-day stress, we offer the possibility for a nature trip. You can spend a day with your family, friends, or business partners, with a shot of local schnapps, refreshing beverage, and the local gastronomic products, prepared in a traditional way.


Andrije Hebranga 9

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 300 300



Dunavski prilaz 2

32000 Vukovar

Tel. +385 (0)32 442 620

Mob. +385 (0)98 759 285