A boat ride on the Danube

Ako vam se sviđa ova objava, podijelite ju sa svojim prijateljima

A ride on the Danube on the Vukovar Waterbus sightseeing boat is a unique experience. It’s a modern tourist boat, offering passengers a view of the town’s sights from the Danube river. The boat’s capacity is 60 passengers, it has panoramic windows to provide protection and offer a view of Vukovar’s key sights, from the Vučedol archaeological site and the Water Tower, the monastery and Saint Philip and Jacob Church, the Vukovar Gymnasium, the Vukovar Municipal Museum, all the way to down to the Borovo factory, as all these sights are by the river. This boat can also be rented out for other occasions – cultural events, video screenings, birthdays and other events.

For further information, inquiries and schedules, visit: www.vukovarwaterbus.hr or call: 00385 (0)98/344-741, info@danubiumtours.hr

If you want to experience a ride on the Danube on a smaller boat or on a traditional čiklja, members of the St Boniface Motor Boat Club will be happy to take you on this adventure. They can also tell you more about the life on the Danube and the fishing tradition in Vukovar.

St Boniface Motor Boat Club

Mobile phone: 0385 (0)98/473-547

E-mail: m.k.sveti.bono@gmail.com

Dunav VU

Boat rides

Mobile phone: 00385 (0)91/512-0808

E-mail: raczvonko48@gmail.com 

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