Vukovar Film Festival

29.6. – 3.7.2022.

Danube Region Film Festival – Vukovar Film Festival was launched in 2007 and is unique in many ways. It is the only film festival which is literally held on the Danube itself, thus providing a unique experience. The festival was created to promote and expand the creative work of filmmakers from the Danube region.

It’s theme – films from the Danube region – is logically connected with Vukovar as the centre of the Croatian part of Podunavlje. Cultural influences have spread via the Danube since time immemorial. Because Vukovar is the heart of the Danube!  Since the VFF is the only film festival in the region, its international goal is to connect filmmakers from the Danube region, whose film productions are among the most vital in the world today.

The festival is held during the summer months at the following locations: Terrace of the Agency for Inland Waterways, Eltz Manor park, Vukovar Ada and Cinestar Vukovar. Over four to six festival days, many attractive, award-winning, high-quality films are screened, intended for an audience hungry for true cinema. Traditionally, the Zlatni šlep (the Golden Barge) award is awarded in three different categories: best feature film, best documentary film and best short film, with two three-member juries deciding the winners. The festival is accompanied by a number of workshops and additional events and concerts.

Tourism board’s event The Beauty of Diversity, which includes traditional cuisine of minorities, is also well received and has become an integral part of the Vukovar Film Festival.

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