The museums are the keepers of life. Within their walls, in their mystic chambers, they keep the past, preventing it from becoming forgotten. People tend to forget and that’s why the museums are here – to remind us of the past times, but also of our roots, traditions and local customs; of how things used to be, so that we could compare, assess, evaluate and make conclusions. And love ourselves, our history and the history of our people.

Eltz Manor opened its doors to Vukovar Municipal Museum, offering the museum to use the entire manor in all its beauty and splendour, just as a museum should. Until then, the manor was home to the noble family Eltz, as well as a remarkable structure that intrigued the people of Vukovar, who wanted to take a peek behind its walls.

They say that when you wish for something hard enough, it comes true. That’s how the people of Vukovar got their own Museum in a castle! Gorgeous, unique, unparalleled.

Then came the year 1991. The Museum was torn down, the artefacts stolen, people driven away.

Love and kindness go hand in hand. Large part of artwork was returned, the manor was renewed and the Vukovar Municipal Museum opened its doors to the citizens in all its glory. Nevertheless, the citizens loved it even when it was wounded, devastated, without the roof, because even in such a poor condition, the Museum kept calling them, preserving their stories and organising meetings with friends.

Being recognised on European level, the Museum was awarded the Silletto award in 2016, primarily because of its connection with the citizens. Because it had not alienated itself, because it cared, because it gathered them, because it loved them!

Because of all that, take a peek into the long, turbulent and proud history of Vukovar and visit this magnificent building on the Danube bank!

Vukovar Municipal Museum

Županijska 2

Phone: 00385 (0) 032/638-470; -475

E-mail: abrkic@muzej-vukovar.hr


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