They say that love goes through the stomach. If this is so, then this will be the love at first sight and you will always keep coming back!

Gastronomy, good food – it is a way of life, a lifestyle, it is more than just love for food; it is a passion, a desire, an imagination, creativity, constant thinking about new creations, the harmony of tastes.

The cuisine and gastronomy of Vukovar area are truly magical and have some inherent power to tie you to this area forever. And the entire secret hides in that small corner of paradise where flat Slavonia and hilly Srijem, as usually is the case with all true loves, at first only shyly and clumsily meet and touch and immediately afterwards passionately and inseparably hug. Intertwined with fertile black soil and loess, fragrant fields, the mighty Danube and the shy Vuka, the two had always been places of ideal living.

So, it is no wonder that influences of various cultures, peoples who moved in and out of the area over the centuries, the natives and the newcomers, overlap and interweave at this exact place. This entanglement with the rest of the world, this ability of receiving anyone, making them its guests and a part of itself by accepting even the least of diversities, taking only the best from everyone, makes Vukovar what it exactly is – a hospitable area of top gastronomy, outspoken, simple, diverse, meaningful, fragrant – as if it belongs to a fairy tale, worthy of the pauper, the agha and the king.

See, people living in Vukovar and its vicinity have always eaten well, sometimes more, sometimes less, but they have eaten well. And, even more important, they have eaten diverse food.

In case you crave meat delicacies, you can always eat an excellent shepherd’s stew, wine stew, stuffed cabbage rolls or spicy stew in Vukovar.

Do not leave Vukovar without tasting the local fish stew, the true gastronomic experience that perfectly combines the tastes of onions, crushed red pepper, wine and the fish from the Danube – Prussian carp, sturgeon, carp, catfish and pike. Dare to taste the “drunken carp”, fried zander or catfish fillets with a premium potato salad or potatoes “under the bell”, as well as the essential – carp on a wooden fork slowly grilled by the fire.

Fish dishes are readily accompanied by wines (the fish has to swim three times), and you can choose among the golden-yellow Rizvanac, Sauvignon, Riesling, frankovka or graševina, which grow in the fertile vineyards of Vukovar and Srijem area.

For the dessert, have a piece of walnut or poppyseed roll or eat an aromatic apple strudel. And while the fragrant scent of the Danube penetrates your nose and the light breeze almost always present in Vukovar slowly, but certainly takes away even the smallest crumbs of any worry out of the sight, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, tasting pastry filled with home-made apricot jam covered with cream and ground walnuts, nibble scented gingerbread cakes or vanilla-flavoured cookies.

These recipes and tastes hide the memories and the scents of the past, the scents of our childhood. By tasting them and remembering some dear but long-gone moments, as if taken by some virtual time-machine, we travel to homes of our grandmothers, who represent an important part of our lives together with their dishes. The story of food and recipes is the story of life. Not always an easy one, but certainly unforgettable and unrepeatable. And everything that had gone by (and that can’t be reached) has some magic power, a dash of sorrow and nostalgia.

Enjoy the experience and fill your soul with scents and tastes of Vukovar, with true gastronomic hedonism that hides right here, where Slavonia and Srijem hug, where the Danube kisses the sky!

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