Vučedol – the Paris of the Neolithic!

The place where life was thriving five thousand years ago. The civilisation of revolutionary discoveries, owing to which the Vučedol Culture Museum was opened mid-2015 through efforts of prof Aleksandar Durman PhD, the employees of Vukovar Municipal Museum and the Ministry of Culture, unique by the fact that it is dedicated solely to one, pre-historic culture.

The Museum, situated at the Danube embankment, already turned into a genuine attraction, because it displays and explains our centuries-old history and survival at one place and in an interesting manner.

Can you see the place through the eyes of a nine-year-old girl named Dolka? She is the main character of the children’s guide Dolka’s Stories (Dolkine priče) that uses a simple, child language to depict life in this area several thousand years ago.

Everything has changed, everything advanced, only the Danube remained the same… unique in its strength, unstoppable in its journey, mighty in the eyes of the beholders! Even five thousand years ago, big boats – the monoksils – navigated its currents, constructed by people of Vučedol and used for hunting fish.

Another thing remained the same – the love between the man, the native and the Danube – it is an unbreakable bond, so permanent and strong that not even time could have weakened it. Quite the contrary!

At the end of the day, family was always there, gathering around the fire to dine in peace and discuss the events of the day. The grandparents’ role was as important as it is now – to pass the experience and love unconditionally. To make the childhood nicer and more enriched.

Like it supports us today, the faith had supported and kept the people of Vučedol, whose rituals and customs are presented throughout the entire museum. It is our duty to preserve them from the oblivion.

Their pottery is widely known, their understanding of the world was based on logic and their discoveries leave us breathless. The most famous cult pot is the Vučedol Dove, the symbol of Vukovar. Or it is a partridge – well, you should discover that on your own…

They loved music, they knew how to keep time and they authored the first Indo-European calendar, they also made the first beer.

In the silent nights, looking at the stars, remember those who preceded you and visit us.

We are waiting!

Vučedol Culture Museum

Vučedol 252

32000 Vukovar

Phone: 00385 (0)32/373-930


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