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Sitting 200 persons, restaurant Nada has a long-term experience and prides on its traditionally good offer and service. The interior of the restaurant is elegant, and with its dimensions and furnishings it represents an ideal venue to cater for events that include large numbers of guests. A rich selection of traditional Slavonian dishes is offered every day, including international and fish dishes such as spicy fish stew and frog legs. Daily hot meals such as various stews, cabbage rolls, various vegetable meals, and shepherd’s stews are just a part of the restaurant’s rich offer. You can also taste sweet delicacies, prepared according to your desires and tastes, in a manner done back in the olden days.

Restaurant Nada has two terraces, sitting a total of 40, and it is an ideal place for tasting gastronomic delicacies during summer.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica
Ministarstvo turizma RH
Grad Vukovar
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