Family Farm Denis Zeko

Ako vam se sviđa ova objava, podijelite ju sa svojim prijateljima

The gastronomic offer of this Family Farm is based on the way of life of our ancestors and the life bound to the farms, orchards and vineyards.

The local tradition emphasises the connection of the people to the wide Danube and docile Vuka, as well as the river fish, which comprises a large portion of the local cuisine today. The hosts of Dunavski raj specialise in the shepherd’s stew, Slavonian spicy fish stew and carp on a wooden fork grilled by the fire, which is one of the most notable local dishes.

The menu also features delicacies “from the attic” and traditional pastry (roles, scones with pork rinds etc.).

If you crave a breath of fresh air and a break from the everyday stress, we offer you the possibility to spend time in natural environment, right next to the Danube. You can spend a day with your family, friends or business partners, enjoying a shot of local schnapps, refreshing beverages and local gastronomic products prepared in a traditional manner.

You can enjoy various fun activities on the farm, including old games, traditional crafts workshops and numerous fun activities that make Dunavski raj a perfect location for active relaxation.

The farm is an ideal place for one-day visits and “school in nature” for pre-schoolers and younger elementary pupils. It is located far from busy roads and any form of town’s noise. It is completely fenced and safe for a carefree stay.

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