The Vukovar Nocturne

Vukovar – a place of special reverence, whose pain, fear, pride, defiance, strength, and patriotism are preserved in numerous memorial sites. It is a small town with lots of stories. This route will take you through some of them!

The Vukovar nocturne is a mosaic of memories, composed of threads that together form a touching, moving and unforgettable whole, woven into the Vukovar truth.

The celebration of the Day of Remembrance for the victims of Vukovar starts at the National Memorial Hospital, so we recommend that you take this route from the hospital, listen to stories at the Homeland War Memorial Center, as well as at Ovčara and Trpinjska cesta Memorial Halls, pray for all victims at the Memorial Cemetery of Homeland War Victimsand light a candle near the cross at the confluence of the Vuka and Danube River. At the end of the tour take a scenic view of the city from the Vukovar Water Tower, which still stands proudly as a symbol of unity, but also as a warning! Also, at the park of the Franciscan monastery, you can read the names of all Vukovar victims.

The ones with a passion for rides on two wheels can discover the same route by bicycle, since the Vukovar Nocturne thematic cycle route has been traced and marked.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica
Ministarstvo turizma RH
Grad Vukovar
Hrvatska gospodarska komora
Turistička zajednica Vukovarsko-srijemske županije